Other Services

Conflict and Dispute Resolution

We can help you with Dispute Resolution, both with the dispute resolution procedures required under the Pensions Act and with other disputes.

We can also help you to identify and address conflicts of interest.

The Pensions Regulator has commented on the issue of conflicts. It has said that Trustees need to be able to show that they can act impartially, without their decisions being tainted by actual or perceived conflicts. And that they should ensure that non-trivial conflicts of interest are suitably managed and disclosed.

We can help you to produce a conflicts of interest policy and assist you with the governance process.

There are, of course, legal requirements in relation to conflict and dispute resolution procedures. But, apart from that, it is in everyone’s best interests to make sure that their pension scheme is run well. Because a well-run pension scheme can result in better outcomes for members and to time, trouble and money saved for all concerned.

If you would like help with Conflicts or Dispute Resolution, please contact us.

 Trustee Training and Development

According to the Pensions Act and the Pensions Regulator, Trustees must have knowledge and understanding of their Scheme’s documents, of the law of pensions and trusts and of the principles of pension scheme funding and investments.

From the beginning, the Regulator’s focus has been on ensuring that Trustees understand their duties and responsibilities under the law, and that they gain the skills necessary to run their pension schemes well.

And this makes perfect sense, because a well-run pension scheme can result in better outcomes for members and to time, trouble and money saved.

If you would like help to assess the Trustees’ knowledge and understanding, or training to improve their skills, please contact us.

 Member Communications

Pensions is a complex area and it can often be difficult for members to understand the benefits and options available under their pension scheme. So it is vital that any communications to members explain these in a way which they can easily understand. This was referred to in one of the Pensions Regulator’s Governance surveys. TPR mentioned communication to members as being a key area for potential improvement by Trustees. But, apart from that, good communications with members, particularly where they are still employees, will clearly bring its own rewards.

We can help you with communications exercises. We can either prepare communications or work on communications which have been prepared by the existing advisers. The objective is to ensure that the message is explained clearly, and in a way which members can easily understand.

If you would like help with your communications to Members, please contact us.