There are many good reasons for appointing a Professional Trustee.  But how do you choose the right one?  That depends on the reasons for appointing a Professional Trustee and the context in which they are being appointed.

A good Professional Trustee will have a relevant professional qualification and extensive pensions and business experience.

If you need any of the following, please contact us:

  • A Professional Trustee to join the existing Trustee Board;
  • A Sole Trustee;
  • A Chair of Trustees;
  • A Member of a Sub-Committee;
  • A Sub-Committee Chair.

We can help you with almost every type of pension scheme. From Defined Contribution and Hybrid to Defined Benefit, and from the very small to the very large. We have practical experience of open schemes, closed Schemes, merging schemes and Schemes in wind-up. And, over the years, we have worked with many types of Trustee Boards, advisers and Employers.

A good professional Trustee is a bit like a non-executive Director, bringing their expertise and a wider perspective, from having been involved with a number of pension schemes.  Their pensions and business experience results in strong decision-making skills and a clear understanding of the basis on which good decisions are made.

Everyone benefits when their pension scheme is run well. Because a well-run pension scheme can result in better outcomes for members and to time, trouble and money saved for all concerned.

If you would like help to run your pension scheme well, please contact us.